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Slip & Fall Premises Liability

We know a slip and fall accident can be devastating. Contact us to learn about your rights.

Slip and fall accidents happen without warning, and the consequences can last a lifetime. A legal term describing when a person slips, trips or falls on somebody else’s property, a slip and fall accident can cause serious injuries such as broken bones, spinal cord injuries or traumatic brain injuries. Property owners are legally responsible for the safety of all guests that visit their premises. But from restaurants to shopping malls, some property owners in Charlotte overlook safety hazards and fail to address problems before an accident.
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What types of accidents lead to a premises liability case?

The legal term “premises liability” refers to an accident caused by a condition on somebody’s property. The most common accidents involve slip and falls, but these negligence cases can cover a wide range. Accidents on other people’s property can happen in many different settings and situations, from newly mopped shopping center floors in Uptown to slippery Freedom Park restaurant sidewalks. Other times, an accident might be attributed to inadequate fencing surrounding public swimming pools or torn hotel carpeting. Dog bites may be considered premises liability claims.

Whether you were hurt while grocery shopping, walking into a shopping mall or a restaurant parking lot, the owner of the premises may be liable for injuries you or your loved one sustained. If you are pursuing a premises liability claim, you may be eligible to receive compensation to help pay for medical bills, loss of wages, physical therapy, pain and suffering and other damages related to your accident.

Examples of North Carolina premises liability claims

Premises liability claims in North Carolina might involve injuries while crossing a parking lot, walking down a stairwell or while walking into a shopping mall. No matter how you’ve been injured, you may have grounds to file a premises liability lawsuit if you believe the property owner acted negligently and that your injuries may have been avoidable.
Other types of premises liability claims include:

  • Negligent security: Robberies, assaults and other violent crimes caused by defective locks, inadequate lighting, a lack of security guards, broken surveillance systems and other preventative measures used to ensure the safety of visitors. Property owners have legal responsibilities to keep visitors safe at all times.
  • Negligent maintenance: Property owners must properly maintain their premises to the best of their ability. Negligent maintenance can include broken handrails, poor lighting, floor boards with nails sticking through, and building safety violations. When a building owner neglects these standards, an accident can happen in only a moment’s notice. For example, a fire might destroy a structure if the landlord fails to ensure the electrical wiring is up to code.