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Personal Injury FAQs

We know a personal injury claim can be confusing. Let us help answer some of your questions.

Click on any of the following frequently asked questions to learn more. If you have other questions or need immediate assistance, don’t hesitate to call us at 704-375-8488. We will be happy to speak to you free of charge about your personal injury questions.

How soon should I contact an attorney after my accident?

Time is of the essence after your accident. That’s why it’s critical to call an attorney as soon as possible. After the accident, you will want to seek immediate medical treatment. Your next step should be to contact an attorney. Why? If you wait too long, you may forever lose your right to take legal action. The Statute of Limitations places a time limit on when you can file a lawsuit. But there are other important reasons why you should consult with a law firm as soon as possible. While a case that goes to trial in front of a judge or jury can take up to 18 months from start to finish, the most important evidence is collected just days – and sometimes hours – after an accident. Evidence disappears quickly. Witnesses become more difficult to track down. Hull & Chandler, P.A., has the resources and experience necessary to preserve important information about your accident.

Do I need a lawyer?

One of the most commonly asked questions our firm receives is if an attorney is necessary. When you contact us for your free consultation, we will ask a series of questions in order to determine whether legal assistance is necessary. While in some cases, instances of negligence may be obvious – such as when a loved one is abused in a nursing home or some is attacked by a neighbor’s dog – other accidents may not be as obvious. Insurance companies may even try to say you caused your own accident. By contacting an attorney, you will better be able to understand your legal needs and how to obtain compensation for your injuries.

What should I expect at my initial consultation?

The primarily purpose of the initial consultation is to meet with the handling attorney. We encourage all prospective clients to ask as many questions as possible. Common questions include whether a case is worth a client’s time, whether the case big enough, how much a client can expect to receive, and what the next steps are in filing a personal injury claim. We work to answer each question as thoroughly as possible. We offer all prospective clients this initial consultation free of charge.

How much is the consultation?

Your consultation for your potential personal injury case is free. If you’ve been injured in an accident and need help, you don’t have to pay us anything to talk to us on the phone or visit us in our office.  During the consultation, we will offer an honest evaluation and go over your rights.

How much are the attorney fees and what are you going to give me in return?

We handle personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. That means we get paid based on a percentage of what we recover for your case. You start with a free consultation. If you decide to retain us, you won’t have to pay us anything up front. We will work hard to get our fee. That also means we work hard to get you money for your case, because we don’t get paid until we make a recovery.

How do attorneys build a personal injury case?

Hull & Chandler, P.A., leave no stone unturned in pursuit of justice for each of our clients. From collecting medical records to reviewing police reports, we gather all necessary information to discover the long-term cost of your injuries and determine fault in your accident. After a serious injury, it’s important to act fast. Our attorneys routinely conduct site inspections to collect evidence, take photos and obtain witness contact information. This evidence, which can disappear quickly, is often essential in determining how your accident happened.

What do our attorneys go over with clients?

When working to reach a favorable settlement on behalf of our clients, we carefully review all pertinent information with our clients. Detail by detail, we ensure all paperwork accurately reflects how the accident happened, resulting injuries, and how your accident affects your long-term physical, financial and emotional well-being. We also review settlement offers from insurance companies and other documents that could affect your ability to collect compensation for your accident. It is our goal to ensure each client receives fair compensation that satisfies long-term financial needs.

Is my case big enough?

It matters not to us whether your case is big or small. That’s because your case is important to you. No matter your personal injury case – from a wrongful death case to a slip and fall – we will sit down with you and address the concerns and questions you may have. We will then evaluate if we can help you. If we can, we will handle your case and build the strongest, most successful legal strategy on your behalf. Contact us today. We’re ready to help you get life back on track after your accident.