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Hull & Chandler Legal Services for Nonprofits

Outside General Counsel to Nonprofits

Hull & Chandler attorneys have the capacity to assist your nonprofit with any legal issue that comes your way. We provide comprehensive advice and legal services for tax-exempt organizations acting as general counsel. We assist you as these issues come about.   Our services include, but are not limited to adversarial proceedings, real estate, intellectual property, management, employment issues, insurance, contracts, and more.  

Hiring your own in-house can may not be possible for your nonprofit.  We do offer a legal services subscription service, which allows you to pay for discounted legal services on a monthly basis with the ability to roll over unused legal time into succeeding months.  

Our attorneys can assist you with legal issues like:

  • Advising your nonprofit about risk management such as indemnification policies and record-keeping
  • Helping your nonprofit resolve board issues, management issues and board/management issues
  • Developing and providing board training and staff training
  • Developing Human Resources and employment policies which are legally compliant
  • Developing employment and staff contracts
  • Counseling regarding corporate procurement policy
  • Reviewing mortgages and current lease agreements
  • Advice regarding property tax exemption issues
  • Reviewing grant agreements 
  • Reviewing cause related marketing agreements
  • Providing advice about corporate governance issues and executive compensation
  • Reviewing contracts, tax forms and insurance coverage
  • Create grant-making practices for foundations
  • Advising the nonprofit about earned revenue and commercial activities (including UBIT)
  • Assistance with structuring affiliations, partnerships, branches, group exemptions
  • Conducting legal audits and check-ups
  • Counseling about fundraising law, gift planning and charitable solicitations
  • Representing the nonprofit regarding merger and acquisition of entities

Holistic and Cost-Effective Nonprofit Formation

Attorneys at Hull & Chandler can provide you with a holistic and cost-effective way to start your tax-exempt organization.  We can assist you with setting the right foundation for your nonprofit. We can offer complete flat-rate packages to get you off the ground.

Hull & Chandler can assist you with starting up:

  • 501(c)(3) public charities and foundations
  • 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations, civic leagues
  • 501(c)(6) associations, business leagues, chambers of commerce
  • 501(c)(7) social and recreational clubs
  • other tax-exempt entities.

Our holistic nonprofit formation package is available for all types of tax-exempt organizations.  Our attorneys will:

  • Counsel and advise you about the best corporate and tax structure for your nonprofit 
  • Form the corporate entity by preparing Articles of Incorporation for your nonprofit.
  • Carefully design and draft bylaws, conflict of interest policies, and other corporate documents, which reflect your values and interests
  • Draft your Nonprofit’s IRS Exemption Application (per appropriate 501(c)(3) category   – Form 1023, 1024 or other), including budgets, statement of purpose, mission statement, and description of your program activities – for 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), 501(c)(6), and more
  • Appear as your counsel before the IRS and handle all follow-up inquiries related to your application
  • Provide a corporate governance training for your first nonprofit board of directors to help set the right foundation for stewardship

Hull & Chandler can also assist you with:

  • Insurance matters and risk management
  • Initial corporate materials for board meeting (agenda and minutes, key resolutions)
  • Fundraising registrations and legal compliance

Start-up Assistance and Ongoing Legal Services for Professional Societies, Trade Groups, and  Business Leagues

Hull & Chandler attorneys can help your professional association grow and thrive. We help professional societies, trade groups, and business leagues with their day-to-day legal issues, from corporate governance to tax matters. We can help with:

  • Start-up of new 501(c)(6) trade associations and business leagues, from entity formation to federal tax-exemption
  • Employee and Human Resource matters – hiring/termination, retention, and non-compete agreements for staff
  • Governing documents – review and update bylaws, conflict of interest policies
  • Agreements between 501(c)(6) professional association and an affiliated 501(c)(3) charity, including office sharing and staff sharing arrangements
  • Manage relationships between affiliated membership group, charity, and/or political action committee
  • Draft and manage vendor and convention contracts
  • Conduct Board Training
  • Provide advice regarding lobbying issues
  • Assistance with legislative advocacy efforts
  • Conducting for-profit business activity
  • Liability and risk management (especially COVID-19 and other epidemic risk management)

Nonprofit Legal Audits 

Hull & Chandler will conduct a complete organizational check-up (a “legal audit”) to identify risks and to highlight gaps in the operations and services.  Our firm performs the assessment and advises your management and board of directors on the findings. The legal audit includes:

  • Reviewing formation documents (articles), board duties, and governing documents (bylaws, etc.)
  • Ensuring federal tax compliance with IRS, including verifying 501(c) status and that donors are receiving proper acknowledgment forms
  • Assessing conflicts of interest, affiliations and partnership agreements, and employment relationships
  • Reviewing risk management policies and current insurance coverage
  • Advising on fundraising law, gift planning, charitable solicitations and social investing

Custom Designed Training for your Board and Staff

Hull & Chandler can custom design and present a training for you, your staff and board members on a variety of legal topics. These trainings are quite helpful for new boards of directors, new executive leaders, organizations that are looking to grow or expand, or for a group that has experienced conflict between staff and board members.

Our firm can provide custom designed training to founders and boards of new organizations, as well as speaking at your annual conference, board meetings, or staff training on topics including:

  • Setting up a nonprofit, foundation, social enterprise, association or other tax-exempt status
  • Regulation and compliance issues
  • Roles of the ED vs. the board
  • Financial oversight, compliance, planning, budgeting, financial reporting
  • Staff and volunteer management
  • Program development, evaluation, and outcome reporting
  • Legal reporting requirements on state and federal levels
  • Fundraising legally: issues and requirements, including donation acknowledgments
  • Leadership succession issues
  • Conflicts of interest and due diligence issues