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How We Support Our Clients

Hull & Chandler, P.A. can help find the solution to your legal problem. Our Attorneys handle lawsuits including business disputes, civil litigation and personal injury .Our law firm also advises businesses on start-ups, sales, contracts, non-competes, intellectual property and other business or estate matters. We have award-winning attorneys in each area of law to help find your solution. 

Areas of Law

  • Business Law: From the moment you incorporate through the business sale, Hull & Chandler's attorneys can handle all aspects of a company's legal needs including employment and customer contracts, business structure, financing and credit documents and litigation. Our Clients range from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.
  • Car Accidents & Personal Injury: We handle many types of injury claims including, car accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents. Our lawyers have attained settlements and verdicts in cases ranging from dog bites and broken bones to brain injury and wrongful death
  • Estate Planning: Protect your legacy through legal planning and asset protection including wills, trusts, estate administration and more.
  • Trademark & Copyright: We help clients develop and implement trademark and copyright registration and protection strategies, as well as monitor and enforce intellectual property rights. 

Since 2003, the law offices of Hull & Chandler, P.A. have provided a variety of legal services in Charlotte and the surrounding metro region including personal injury, business law, litigation, family law and estate planning. Our North Carolina licensed attorneys have been recognized for their work in each area of law and we look forward to the opportunity to use our expertise to create a solution for you. 

Fee Structures

Our lawyers represent a variety of clients and the fee structure varies depending on each case.  We want our prospective clients to fully understand their options when retaining us.  Accordingly, to help put you in a position to do that, we have prepared the following explanation of the types of fee agreements we regularly use.

Hourly fees- when we handle business law matters and domestic cases we usually take these cases on a hourly basis.  The hourly rates for our attorneys range between $400/hour to $600/hour.  We typically require clients to pay a trust deposit on the front end to help us secure our fee.  This trust deposit is more commonly referred to as a retainer.  If there is a surplus of money left over in your trust account when our representation ends then we write you a check in that amount.  On the other hand, some cases require additional trust deposits to be made by the client during the course of our representation.

Contingency fees- when we take on a personal injury client we do so on a contingency fee basis.  This means that you do not owe us anything up front.  You are not billed by the hour.  The fee you pay us in paid out of any recovery made in the case.  Our contingency fee structure is often also applied to complex commercial litigation, business litigation, and equitable distribution cases.  A typical contingency fee is one third of the recovery but every case is different and that amount might change depending on the allegations in the case.

Flat fees- a flat fee is another type of fee we utilize.  Flat fees are earned upon receipt and in certain situations they can help clients know their legal costs up front.

Minimum fees- a minimum arrangement allows clients to have a fixed, and typically reduced, cost for a certain period of time based on the complexity of the case.  If the matter is not resolved within that time, a normal hourly rate begins.  This fee arrangement allows for a great deal of price certainty while still having flexibility for unforeseen circumstances.

Subscription plans- a monthly subscription fee model is perfect for small business owners who are trying to level out their legal costs.  This fee allows clients to purchase hours on a regular basis and roll those hours over for a period of time.

Hybrid fee- a hybrid fee is a legal fee that combines elements of the above structures.  For example, some clients might prefer to pay a flat fee and a reduced contingency fee.  Or, some clients might prefer to pay a reduced hourly rate for our attorneys in exchange for including a contingency matter.

Success in Litigation

Our lawyers understand the importance of litigation in the legal process. A lawsuit, or a threat of a lawsuit, may be required to resolve your dispute and having an accomplished litigator on your side is important. Our litigators handled matters in both State and Federal Courts within North Carolina including the North Carolina Business Court. Our personal injury and business litigation attorneys have been named to the Legal Elite in North Carolina Business Magazine, have been featured in Super Lawyers Magazine and have been designated Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association. Large settlements and verdicts obtained by our lawyers have been profiled in North Carolina Lawyer’s Weekly Magazine and our success in court is further reflected by our admission into the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Whether you have a motor vehicle accident or complex business litigation, we have award-winning attorneys ready to assist you with your lawsuit.  

Success in Business Law

As a business owner, your relationship with your legal counsel is an important one. The attorneys at Hull & Chandler, P.A. are proud of the businesses that we advise and are personally invested in their success.

Our business lawyers’ legal knowledge in the area of business law has been recognized by North Carolina Business Magazine which has listed lawyers in our firm to their Legal Elite list and business lawyers in our firm have maintained the highest possible rating of AV Preeminent Lawyer by Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings for over 10 years. 

You need an attorney that not only understands the law but also understands how to operate a business. Our lead business attorney, Nathan Hull, is an owner and founder of the firm and understands many of the practical issues involved in running a business. He has also been recognized as one of Charlotte’s Top Entrepreneurs by Business Leader Magazine, due to his knowledge and success in assisting his business clients. We look forward to forming a relationship with your business and helping you successfully navigate any legal issues that arise. 

We thank you for visiting our website and we hope you will visit the other pages on our website for more useful information. Please contact us to find your legal solution.