July Is a Risky Month for Injuries in Charlotte

Summer is a time for swimming, holidays, and kids to be off of school. Unfortunately, an experienced personal injury lawyer knows summer can also be a dangerous time. In particular, the month of July has the highest rate of deaths due to unintentional injuries of any month of the year. The rate of death due to preventable incidents is 11 percent higher in July compared with the national average rate of death from unintentional accidents. 

There are ways you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe over the month of July. National Safety Council has published a tip sheet with warnings about the added dangers you face during July and with advice on how to avoid injury.

Tips for Avoiding Injury During July

The three primary reasons why July is more dangerous than other months of the year include excessive heat; a increased risk of motor vehicle accidents; and an increased risk of drownings. Some of the ways you can make sure these top injury causes do not affect you include the following:

  • Make sure everyone you are with is able to swim before going to a pool, beach, or other area where water is present. In July 2011, 759 people died because of accidental drownings over the month.
  • Have children wear flotation devices around any water to avoid the risk of unintentional drowning.
  • Avoid leaving children in motor vehicles unattended. There were 44 child deaths in 2013 because kids were left inside of hot cars.
  • Drive the speed limit, avoiding distractions, and staying sober behind the wheel. In 2011, 3,417 car accident fatalities occurred in the United States in July. Teens out of school are a risk, and dangers are exacerbated by more motorists on the road due to summer road trips.
  • Use a child safety seat. A car seat should be used for flying and driving. Children over two need to be in a Federal Aviation Administration approved car seat when on a plane, and not in a parent’s lap. Car seats in cars and on planes should be sized appropriately for your child’s age, height, and weight.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water, especially when engaging in physical activity outdoors.
  • Avoid staying outside for long periods of time in hot weather. In July 2011, 270 fatalities occurred because of extreme temperatures.
  • Boat sober. Do not operate a boat after drinking or using drugs, and do not ride on a boat with someone else who has been drinking or using drugs.
  • Boat licensed. If you do not have a license to operate a boat, do not drive one.
  • Explore safety systems in vehicles. MyCarDoesWhat has a summary of features like adaptive cruise control or backup cameras. The site explains different safety features and shows you how to use them effectively.

While July is more dangerous for many reasons, you and your loved ones do not have to become a victim. Be sure to understand the risks and exercise caution to avoid hurting yourself or others.