Commercial Passenger Bus Accidents – Not the Run of the Mill Case. Charlotte, NC Based Bus Line Accident

A bus accident involving multiple victims can present a variety of complications which are not at issue in smaller vehicular accidents. The sooner an experienced personal injury attorney is retained the better equip the attorney is to maximize the victims recovery. In cases involving commercial buses, critical evidence can be lost or overlooked with the passage of time. In addition, the insurance company for the commercial carrier often has their own attorney on scene before the investigation is even complete. The victims must act quickly to gather the evidence they will need to present a case and assure all their rights are protected from the early stages of the case.

An example of this type of case occurred early Tuesday when a bus which originated from Charlotte, NC crashed on I-95 just north of Richmond on its way to New York City. The tragic incident, which killed four and injured over fifty others, is just the latest incident for a troubled bus line which has had multiple problems according to the Charlotte Observer.

Sky Express is a bus line which offers multiple trips from Charlotte to New York on a daily basis. According to a report in the Charlotte Observer, the bus line “has encountered a number of problems with federal officials on driver safety”. Driver safety has been as issue in the past and early reports indicate the driver ran off the road and over-corrected causing the bus to wreck. Although the investigation is continuing, the injured and their family need to act quickly to protect their rights.