Child Support Calculator Helps Determine Obligations in Charlotte

In Charlotte, Concord, Fort Mill, Indian Trail and throughout the state of North Carolina, a standard formula is used in order to determine the amount of child support that has to be paid. Child support is required in most situations where parents are not raising a child in the same household together. The amount of support that must be paid is based on many factors including the income of each parent, the total number of shared children, the percent of income each parent earns, and the time the child spends in each parent’s household. These are just some of the many considerations that are a part of the North Carolina child support guidelines. 

Because so much goes into a calculation of child support, it can be difficult for parents and even for legal professionals to determine exactly what the amount of support will be in a given situation. North Carolina family law attorney Ketan P. Soni has created a NC Child support calculator that is useful for attorneys, judges and mediators who must calculate child support regularly and who want an easy way to make that calculation.

North Carolina Child Support Calculator

Ketan P. Soni has been representing clients in divorce and family law cases in North Carolina for more than 13 years. Mr. Soni managed one of the largest law firms in the state specializing in divorce, before starting his own practice and then joining with the firm Hull & Chandler, P.A.

Mr. Soni represents clients in mediation, collaborative law divorces, settlement negotiations and in the courtroom. In his practice, he came to recognize the need for an effective and simple-to-use child support calculator that mediators, judges and attorneys could effectively utilize for applying the North Carolina child support guidelines. He worked in conjunction with the North Carolina Bar Association (NCBA) to create a downloadable calculator that is easier to use than ever.

The North Carolina child support calculator has many unique features as compared with other calculators that are available. One major benefit is that no Internet is required in order to determine the amount of support that must be paid. Internet is not always available when mediation is taking place or calculations are being made. With this newly developed calculator, all you need is a computer running Microsoft Excel. The calculator also works on both a Mac and a PC.

The calculator also allows you to see changes instantly as numbers are altered, so there is no need to start over each time you want to make a change. What you see on the screen is exactly what you will see when you print the calculator, and notes can be added to the worksheet that will print as well.

Instructions are available on the website of the North Carolina Bar Association for downloading and using the calculator. This tool will prove invaluable to those who regularly need to determine how much child support will be required in a North Carolina separation or divorce.