Charlotte North Carolina Attorneys file suit on Denied Car Accident Case and Eventually Settle for $175,000.00

Lawyers, Inezmarie K. Docar and I. Timothy Zarsadias, with Hull & Chandler, P.A. settled an automobile accident case for $175,000.00.

The client in this case was a stone mason who was hired to work on a local North Carolina construction project. While he was working, he left the construction site to pick up materials and was hit by a dump.

Our client sustained debilitating injuries as a cause of the accident. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, and has been given a permanent partial disability rating due to the extensive nature of his injuries. In addition, he suffered injuries to his neck and spine which have caused him to have daily chronic pain.

The driver of the dump truck claimed that he had a yellow light when he proceeded into the intersection, but our client vehemently disagreed, as he stated that he had the green light when he was struck. Due to the fact that there were no witnesses to the accident, it was just one driver’s word versus the other, making it extremely difficult to determine who was liable. The insurance company for the dump truck denied the claim based on the dump truck driver’s statements that he had a yellow light.

Hull & Chandler, P.A. filed suit on behalf of our client alleging that the dump truck exceeded the speed limit and failed to maintain a reasonable lookout and control. After a lengthy discovery phase and several depositions, the case was finally settled during mediation for $175,000.00.