Charlotte Personal Injury Attorney, Michael Chandler, Wins Dog Bite Injury Case in Charlotte

On May 14, 2009 attorney Michael Chandler of the law firm of Hull & Chandler obtained a jury verdict in the amount of $44,100 against a dog owner who was found to be negligent. The dog in question attacked the claimant on February 25, 2007. The claimant suffered a badly dislocated ankle in the attack. Prior to the trial the only offer from the defendants was $1,000, made just three weeks before the trial.

The prosecution of dog attack/bite cases can be a lot more complicated than one might presume. In order to prevail, the owner or keeper of the dog must be shown to have acted in a negligent manner. A common misconception is every dog gets “one free bite”. This is not always the case and a recovery can often be achieved when the dog has never bitten or attacked in the past. Another issue that can complicate the case is the type of insurance the owner carries. Many policies now exclude dog attacks form coverage. At Hull & Chandler, we are experienced at handling dog attack cases and have experience in obtaining recoveries where other law firms have told the claimant the case is without merit. If you or a family member has been injured by a dog or other domestic animal you need to consult a personal injury attorney who is experienced in handling similar cases.