Liz Vennum

Liz Vennum is a partner with Hull & Chandler, P.A. She attended Vanderbilt University for her undergraduate degree and Wake Forest University Law School.  A dynamic litigator with solid transactional experience, Liz creates legal solutions for startups, founders, and growing businesses and navigates complex, multi-party business contract conflicts, trade secret disputes, restrictive covenants, and similar civil matters in state and federal cases on behalf of her clients. She takes pride in helping build and grow local startups and small businesses. Nothing makes her happier than setting up an LLC, drafting an operating agreement, and then watching a company grow into a real live business and pillar of the community. Our clients are changing the way Charlotte does business-- bringing healthy lifestyle brands, exciting educational experiences, expert-level IT consulting, and killer fashion design to the Queen City. We couldn't be more proud.

Because our business clients know Liz has got their back, they know they can reach her when it matters most. Need to talk through a difficult employee termination conversation before the meeting? Liz is happy to help. Want to double-check that your company's operating agreement does not actually authorize your business partner to finance a new Bentley on the company dime? She'd lean towards "no," but it's still worth pulling up the file, reviewing it, and making sure he's playing by the rules. Sometimes running a business is amazing, and sometimes it's absolutely terrifying. Whatever it is for you right now, you don't have to go it alone.