Child Support Calculator

 two young siblings holding hands while crossing a bridge

Ketan Soni created this free North Carolina Child Support payment calculator from the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines. The NC State Guidelines can be found here.

This downloadable Excel calculator allows you to:

  • Privately estimate your child support payments without entering the data online
  • Save the files for your records and future modifications
  • Eliminate the hassle of similar browser-based tools
  • Quickly Compare your options among various worksheets 


The NC Child Support Calculator will be updated for free at the end of  2018 when the new Guidelines are published. To receive an email with the updates, please sign up for the mailing list below. Your information will only be used to send updates to the NC Child Support Calculator.

Instructions & Helpful Tips:

Download “2015 NC Child Support Calculator”, which contains all the Child Support Worksheets in tabs on the Excel file. 
This version also lets you quickly copy data from one worksheet to another. 
You must “Enable Content” and “Enable Macros” for this to be fully functional.


Let’s say your computer doesn’t like Macros. Then, you can instead download the individual files for “Worksheet A”, “Worksheet B”, and “Worksheet C”. Those files do not have macros. They will work without any issue on your computer.


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